Enclothed Cognition; It’s like Magic!

My jet lag is finally over! Wahoo! It lasted for a good ten days. Today I feel much more like myself. I'm back in my body. My head is clearer, I'm more focused and I'm more optimistic. One of the things that has helped me a lot during hard transition periods like this and when… Continue reading Enclothed Cognition; It’s like Magic!

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Not my first rodeo!

I've been home for about five days now. The trip home was long and exhausting and the jet lag has been brutal. I keep falling asleep around 7pm and waking up at 3am. Here is a little recap of how I got home: It was hardly Thursday when our alarm sounded at 1:45am. I was… Continue reading Not my first rodeo!

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Goodbye, for now

We're back in Alonim. I'm not happy about it but I'll only be here for a few more days. I wanted to stay in Binyamina next to the Sea. Someone else lives in that apartment now and we're off with the wind, only knowing it takes us to the US. This Tuesday is my birthday… Continue reading Goodbye, for now

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Flight ticket 

The past week was very synchronized and I'm grateful. The very same day that I posted my last blog about going home a gentlemen decided to rent our apartment and buy our refrigerator! Two big birds with one stone. We have to be out of the apartment by June 8th after which we'll be living… Continue reading Flight ticket 

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Trip to the Woods

Last weekend Ram and I took a trip to the woods. I wanted to clear my mind and connect to my center. When I'm grounded and centered I can hear my inner wisdom better. I was intent on answering a question that has been heavy on my heart. Should I stay in Israel or go… Continue reading Trip to the Woods

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I'm in Israel on a tourist visa. A couple months ago we extended it from three months to six. As far as I know you can extend a tourist visa as many times as you want, if you don't intend on staying permanently. My visa expires June 2nd. A couple weeks ago Ram called the… Continue reading Tourist

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The Old City Part 2

The visa interview. The last step in getting a green card to the US. For us, that interview was last week at the US Consulate in Jerusalem. I was pretty bummed out when we arrived and I wasn't allowed to go in. It hurt a lot to not be by his side. Instead I sat… Continue reading The Old City Part 2