Here I am

What am I doing here?! A world away from my family and everything familiar. An English speaker surrounded by Hebrew. Last summer I fell in love with an Israeli while hiking the PCT. So, after 2 months of hiking together and 3 months on Skype here I am. It’s been over a month since I arrived in Israel and I still don’t want to except it. I love Ram and I miss the US.
On a lighter note… tomorrow is Valentines Day! I love holidays! They inspire me to feel more alive and to enjoy life! To loosen up and get in touch with my inner child. Ram’s never celebrated Valentine’s Day. It’s a Christian holiday and Israel is mostly Muslims or Jews so it’s not too popular. Anyways, that’s not going to stop me. I’m making Ram a Valentine’s Day card and a German Apple cake! I’m not exactly sure what a German Apple cake is, just know it includes ingredients I already have. Today is Saturday and in Israel that means it’s Shabbat (the sabbath) so the only store within walking distance is closed. Ram has tomorrow off so I don’t want to spend tomorrow making it. I really hope it turns out… Wish me luck! 


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