I love food

I love food! You hear me? Do you ever have a moment when you taste something so good you disappear into the sky? Do you forget yourself and all your worries because it’s so good you can’t be bothered? I love these moments. I love eating food, making food, decorating food, researching food and talking about food!

Valentine’s Day was a day full of great food. First off I have to tell you the German Apple cake was a HUGE success! Hot caramel sauce drizzled over a moist, cinnamon, apple cloud. Yum, yum, yum! Ram said it was the BEST cake he’d ever had. (I’ll attach a link for the recipe below)

For lunch Ram bought us Russian dumplings filled with beef that we ate with buttered bread, Russian pickles and more meat. We devoured it ALL! It was at least six servings of dumpling… After laying half unconscious for a few hours we managed to crawl to Ram’s sisters house for her birthday. We stayed briefly for coffee and cheese cake which was divinely made by Ram’s aunt Neomi. The cheese cake almost had the same texture as white cake. It was so light and fluffy!

For dinner Ram and I met up with his best friend Idan and his wife Adva. Two great and genuine people, definantly on my list of favorites. We went to Tanduka a kosher restaurant in the nearby city of Yokne’am. To my surprise the restaurant was decorated for Valentine’s Day! Red candles dimly lit the room while a women softly sang and strummed her guitar. Flowers and wine welcomed us to our private little table in the corner. The owner, who’s a friend, sent salads and shots on the house! One grilled eggplant salad so smoky I swear I could taste the coals (in a good way) and one pomegranate tabula salad flavored with fresh parsley and lemon. As couples we each shared a refreshing romaine and bean sprout salad sweetened by fresh apples, strawberries and candied pecans. It was like a flash forward to summer in our mouths! For our main course the table was hidden by piles of suculant meat dishes; soft bass, slow roasted beef, lamb, and freshly made burgers. We made a toast to Rams first Valentine’s Day and slowly relieved the table of all its culinary goodness. To end the perfect meal we shared a devilishly good chocolate soufflé drowning in rich chocolate sauce cooling next to vanilla bean ice cream, which Adva said had no cream?! I don’t know what the ice cream was made of but it was REALLY GOOD.

Fat, happy and so, so satisfied.

Here the link to the German Apple cake: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/7915/german-apple-cake-i/


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