Mission: tampons and gummies

It’s that time of the month… I’m sure you know what I mean. Turns out I was almost out of, you know what. So I walked to the kibbutz store. I was silently praying that they would have what I wanted. I didn’t know how common tampons are here and a feared they aren’t, because the only adds I’ve seen on the subject were for pads! Yuck!

It’s always nerve-racking for me to go anywhere alone. I never know if someone is going to go off in Hebrew to me or not. When I’m caught off guard and frankly in shock, I can’t hear or speak. I completely forget all the Hebrew I’ve learned such as “sorry, I speak English” or “sorry, I only know a little Hebrew”. So I just stand there staring blankly and they stare back, waiting for a response from the blank freckled face. After said incident, all I want to do is go home, crawl into my warm fluffy bed and never come out; maybe even cry over some chocolate and wine… Despite the fear and the many times it has happened, I go.

To my relief the store had exactly what I went there looking for. While I was there I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to try more gummy candy. One of my favorite things back home is Black Forrest gummy worms/bears and sour patch kids. Since I got here I’ve been on a mission to find good gummy candy. Yesterday, I bought a package of big gum drop gummies that were pretty good. Today some jelly beans and a variety pack of gummy candies caught my eye, so I brought them home. The jelly beans weren’t bad, they were just kind of a strange combination of flavors; coconut, root beer, mango, apple, raspberry, strawberry and lemon, I think… In the variety pack the bears were really firm and really chewy with sugar flavor mostly. The worms were a little softer and tasted like, I don’t know, wax? The fruit shaped gummies were more soft but really chewy with very little flavor. The last ones, the not so appetizing looking square ones, were the best! They were really soft and a little sour. So in conclusion the square gummies are in 1st place, the big gum drops in 2nd place and the jelly beans in 3rd.

Now my jaw is throbbing, damn gummy candy.


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