Find out what you want and ask for it

Find out what you want and ask for it. That’s what I spent the last week trying to figure out. I realized this thought wasn’t going to go away. I needed Ram to propose to me in a different way. So a few nights ago I was determined to tell him. It was extremely hard but I finally worked up the courage. We were laying in bed on top of the blankets when I brought it up. I told him “it’s important to me that you propose in a different way.” I asked if he knew what it was I wanted in a proposal. He knew exactly.
Right then and there he rolled off the bed onto both knees and took my ring off. He held my hand gently and gave me the most sincere and beautiful declaration of love I’ve ever heard and probably will ever hear. He ended the speech with “will you be my wife?” Blushing and with a smile from ear to ear, I said “yes”. He put the ring on my finger. We kissed, wrapped our arms around each other and I cried tears of relief and happiness. I was in complete bliss.


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