Say what?!

Ram and I are getting MARRIED!!!! We’ve decided to do an unofficial wedding before I leave. If we don’t do something here now we probably never will. So, in two days Ram set up the whole thing! He set the date, invited his family and friends, booked the place and decided on the menu. It’s going to be a nice Shabbat lunch outside in the sunshine. We’ll exchange vows, mingle with his friends and family, eat lots meat and sip on drinks.

This wedding is all based on what Ram wants but really my only complaint is that there will be no cake. I too want something simple, just with a big cake and some flowers. Before we got engaged we already planned on doing two weddings; one in Israel his way and one in the US my way. In the US we’ll do the official legal wedding. It will just take some time (maybe six months if we’re lucky) till we get the visa so he can move to the US; that’s a whole other long explanation.

With all that’s been happening so fast I feel like I have whip lash. I’m trying to catch up emotionally. I’m getting married and I’m getting married in Israel! I have so much running through my head! On one hand I’m so over joyed to be marrying Ram then on the other I’m really sad that none of my family is coming AND that only six days later I’ll be going home. I’m nervous about my vows and about being around Ram’s family and friends for the day. I don’t speak Hebrew and only some speak English. It doesn’t help that some of them scold me for not knowing Hebrew and for not wanting to live in Israel. I feel more lonely and alienated with all the wedding planning. I try to just stay out of it as much as possible.

Rams family is very supportive of us but they also want to give there two cents on everything. Honestly I don’t know how Ram can stand it, I would snap. In his family they don’t say “hey maybe you could do this” they say “you SHOULD do this.” I’m very grateful that Ram still does whatever he wants. If the “suggestion” is a good one he’ll take it, if not he won’t.

Who knew I’d get married to an Israeli in Israel?! I say it but I still don’t believe it.


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