The wedding went beautifully. I was so nervous! I felt so foreign but everyone made me feel loved and welcomed. All of Rams family and friends are so sweet. I’ve never been kissed so many times in my life! 

At the last minute the forecast said it was going to rain so we ordered a tent. We were bummed at first but it turned out to be very elligant and fitting. It was a white canvas tent with sides that could be kept open if desired. It felt more private and exclusive. We had it facing towards the Asado Bar, the old rustic wood restaurant. Next to the restaurant entrance there are big glass windows where you can watch the meat being cooked over coals and fire. To the other side of the entrance is an outdoor seating area of white wood tables and benches. 

Right before lunch we read our vows and Ram’s father and sister read blessings. The blessings were in Hebrew so Ram translated softly in my ear. After the serious part was over we spent the rest of the afternoon talking and laughing over great food and drinks. 

It was the perfect spring afternoon. 

Six days later I got on a plan. 


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