Another 90 days…

We seem to be living our lives in 90 day increments. We get 90 days together, 90 apart, 90 together, 90 apart, and so on. During the last three months we had a Skype relationship, again. We resent Skype and praise it at the same time. 

Not long after I got back to the US I called the Heart Center (where I had worked before I went to Israel). Turns out they had an opening! It was a temporary filing job. Which was perfect because I planned on working till I could buy a plan ticket back to Israel. Then about a week later they offered me a job doing coding while a employee was on maternity leave. If I took it, it would mean I’d be here for over three months. Me being handed the job that I wanted was a sign to us so, we changed our plans. Ram would work for three months, come on a tourist visa (90 days…), we’d get legally married, start a marriage visa and do the Colorado trail. We couldn’t ignore that the timing was perfect and that in the end we’d have enough money for all of it. 

But, it meant another three month separation…


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