This time it legal! 

Ram and I are legally married! It feels more definitive this time. 

Only 18 days after Ram landed we said “I do”. All my family and friends were there and a couple of Rams relatives from Seattle. The ceremony and reception were in a beautiful garden full of lush flowers and trees. The ceremony took place in the light of the setting sun. It was like a fairy tale.

Before the ceremony we snuck around the garden, trying not to be seen, so my brother Aaron could take pictures of us. A few people got glances of us but we didn’t really care. I just didn’t want anyone to delay our picture taking. 

We got ready together in a big fancy room meant for the bride. There we waited while taking goofy selfies and fidgeting nervously, as people do. 

When it came time I slide one arm into Rams and held my bouquet in the other. We walked together down the isle to “this is why I need you” by Jesse Reuben. It’s a favorite of Rams. He loves indie music and I hate indie music. But, I have to admit the song was perfect and it’s more cute than irritating. Though I am sort of irritated by it because if I really listen to it I will cry, every time. I don’t really like to be soft…

We exchanged new vows and exchanged rings. He said “I do” and I did too. With kisses and hugs we were pronounced husband and wife. It was the happiest moment of my life. We made an exit to “halo” by Beyoncé and snuck off to kiss and hug some more. 🙂 

Nothing ever felt so perfect. 

I love my new ring! The other one was getting worn out and beat up. I’m sad to replace it but I really love this one! Ram couldn’t have picked a more perfect one. 

Selfie right before we walked down the isle. 


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