My sister and her husband gave us a surprise honeymoon! They sent us to Salish Lodge and Spa! The lodge is very posh. It has a world famous restaurant, a bar/restaurant, a spa, a gift shop, and valet parking. Our room was luxurious and spacious. We enjoyed a huge Jacuzzi, fireplace and bed. The bed was incredibly comfortable; nearly impossible to leave. Did I mention the lodge’s location? It sits on a cliff, right above Snoqualmie Falls. From our window we could see the top of the falls and in the distance, the Cascade Mountains. I swear this isn’t an advertisement…
We arrived there on our wedding night around 12:30. Waiting for us were to two bottles of champagne and rose peddles galore. We popped the champagne and soaked in the Jacuzzi until our drinks ran dry. Just down the hall from us was the Spa. As part of our stay we could use the hot mineral pools, dry sauna and the steam room as we pleased. It was just what we needed; a mellow and relaxing get away. Time to decompress! I started to feel like myself again. I felt the inner chaos began to settle.

I am so grateful for Ram, and for all of my family. My family and friends were so supportive and generous. For our wedding we asked for money instead of presents and our guest all (even some that didn’t make it) gave us money. We were so shocked and touched by it.

On our way home we stopped at Snoqualmie pass. It’s a nostalgic place for us because we stop there last summer on the Pacific Crest Trail. We wanted to eat at “Common Wealth” and to hike up to Kendell Katwalk. The Katwalk is a spectacular lookout point on the PCT. Last year we couldn’t see much past our own hands because it was so foggy and rainy. Ram said it was only 2.5 miles up so we decided to do it. We walked for over two hours and still hadn’t gotten there. We passed a hiker coming down who said it’s about another hour and a half. I was shocked! Ram said we’re probably only hiking one mile an hour. I refused to believe that. No way were we hiking THAT slowly. Ram looked at the map again and realized it was 2.5 miles in a straight line… the hike is almost ALL switchbacks. We kept deciding to keep going even though it meant getting home late. I had to be back to work at 8am but I still didn’t want to turn around. I really wanted Ram to see the view. It was pretty cloudy and a little rainy so we didn’t know if we’d get much of a view but we risked it. After four hours we made it to the top. Most of the clouds were now resting between the mountains giving us a mystical view! It was even more inspiring than I remember.

On the hike down we ran into Endless (that’s his trail name). Ram started the PCT with him last summer! He’s from Massachusetts. He was visiting someone in Seattle and decided to do a couple days hike. He already did the AT (Appalachian Trail) this summer and was going to start the Colorado trail on July 28th with a group from the PCT. We’re planning on starting just a week after that! It was an amazing day. Even the sunset on our drive home was exceptionally beautiful! 

The weekend was like a great big deep breath of fresh air. We were alive again!

By the way it turns out that hike to Kendell Katwalk is over 12 miles round trip. It took us about six hours which isn’t too bad for a climb.


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