It’s settled then 

Ram and I decided this morning to do the Colorado Trail. It was our plan for months but we got derailed several times. 
As of yesterday we’d decided not to go. I was already looking for jobs in Olympia, thinking about asking for my job back where I just quit, thinking about moving, wondering how we’ll pay for everything, thinking about staying here and getting a place, ect. All of the options we’re very depressing. 
Last night I tossed and turned thinking about the trail. Thinking “if we don’t do it now we never will”. I felt anger and resentment for not going. I quit my job so we could go! I really wanted to go. It’s scary and hard but it’s pulling me. I’m not done going on adventures, far from it. 

So… this morning we decided to go. Maybe it’s not the wisest decision but it’s the right one. All my inner turmoil settled when the decision was made. 

P.s. I’ll write when I can but I never know when I’ll have phone service. 


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