Driving Part 1 

From Washington, through Oregon, through Idaho and to Utah we go! 
Our packs are full and in the car. The cheapest way for us to get to the trail is to drive. It’s a 20 hour drive from my house to the trail, which starts near Denver. 
Today we’re driving 11 hours to Salt Lake where my brother Seth lives with his wife and their four kids. His house is right off our route and a little over half way, so it works out perfectly. I’ve been meaning to visit for about a year now. I’ve never been to their house, so it’s about time. 

I’m really excited and nervous about the trail. It’s hard to believe we’re really on our way. I’m defiantly nervous about my physical shape, I haven’t hiked a lot… good thing the base weight of my pack is only 11 pounds! (People measure their base weight in different ways but I measure mine as, my pack with everything except what I’ll be wearing, water, fuel and food.)

We arrived after 12 hours to Seth’s, red eyed, unscathed and starved. His wife Amy made us all homemade Philly cheese stakes and fresh salad. After dinner their youngest daughter entertained us with magic tricks and sock puppets. She just did a drama camp and was bursting with excitement to share. Her younger brother was a sidekick in one of the tricks which was so cute. He had her mind ready abilities but her mind must have been a little hazy, because there were some mixed signals and pink cheeks during the performance. It was adorable! 

After the show we started watching the beginning of the Olympics and died off, one by one to something else. I went for possibly my last shower in the next five or so days, it’s uncertain. What is certain is I will (as Ram says) sleep like a wild bore tonight! 


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