Day 1 

We started hiking around 1pm. The first six miles were a dirt road along a river running through a canyon. The road was full of families and couples mostly biking. A few times we came across sheep with a lot of adorable babies! The little ones were so fuzzy and goofy, trying so hard to jump like the big ones. 
We made it about nine miles. I felt like a bull in a china shop trying to setup camp. I guess I’m out of practice. I had a smooth routine on the PCT now it’s time to find it again. 
I organized our camp and Ram went to get water but was taking a really long time. I asked a couple guys passing if they’d seen him but they hadn’t. I got more and more worried “what if he slipped on a rock and hit his head?! He is never gone for this long.” As I almost began to cry while putting my shoes on to search for him, he showed up. I took a deep breath of relief. I was really freaked out. He showed up and only half our bottles were filled. Turns out the filter wasn’t working. After about an half hour we got it to work better but not good. A filter is kind of important… 
While eating dinner a thunderstorm started and it’s been raining since. I hope it doesn’t rain too much. I hope bears aren’t a problem either. A ranger warned us earlier about the black bears. Well on that note good night… 


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