Day 2 

Through hiking initiation day… Last night neither of us slept more than a half hour at a time. It was really warm and we were paranoid about every little sound. 
We hiked about 8 miles before stoping for lunch. We washed off in a cool river until a thunderstorm rolled in. A bridge near buy sheltered us. While waiting out the rain we ate lunch and chatted with a girl from North Carolina. She was there to do a short section of the CT with her heavy pack. As soon as the rain stopped we started a 10 mile dry section. We took about 1 1/2 liters each because it was cool and cloudy. About 20 minutes in, the August sun came out in full force. We drank almost all of our water three miles in and realized “oh shit… we’re almost out of water!” It was mostly climbing, in a burnt area, completely exposed. We were miserable for the last seven miles. How were we so stupid?! Luckily during the last five it cooled off and we were in more trees, but it didn’t help us quench our thirst. I was worried I may pass out, I may not be able to make it. It was so slow going. Each mile was longer than the previous. My mouth and throat were dry and I needed to eat but didn’t because I had nothing to drink. We needed at least a liter or two more each. Thankfully a fire station close to the trail lets hikers fill up. I’ve never been so grateful for water. I drank a liter right then. It’s amazing how we can go from feeling we may die, to feeling fine in a minute. 

Even hiking without water somehow we made it 19 miles. Colorado is much dryer and hotter than I thought! The mid day sun is so strong and so hot it’s about impossible not to get burnt or to stay hydrated, I drink almost constantly from about 1-3. 
Welcome to through hiking! It’s where your main concerns are water, food and shelter. 


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