Day 3 

I’m worn out! I’m remembering all the aches and pains of long distance hiking. I’m remembering how hard it is day after day. I knew it, but being back is different. It’s not good or bad, just a fact of distance hiking. 
At the road where we planned on hitching to town we ran into a couple of women waiting for a ride. We leap frogged with them all day. They we’re from Denver and just finished the same section. One was a real-estate agent and the other a school nurse. The nurses husband was coming soon and they offered us a ride into town. We were so relieved and grateful. 
They dropped us off down town Bailey. We walked to a “near” by hiker hostel, which was a mile or more. It felt like five walking on pavement at the end of the day, luckily it was cloudy. The place is really charming. It’s a big log cabin style B&B next to a river with ponds, wood benches and soft white lights around the roof. 

After showers we tried a nearby Italian restaurant. When ordering drinks the waiter ask for ID but I didn’t have mine. Ram hastily walked back to the hostel, about a half mile, to get mine without me asking (I wouldn’t have asked)! He was starving and exhausted but still did it. It was so sweet of him! I would have never gone back for it myself. 

Our dinner was amazing! I had buffalo stuffed ravioli with cream sauce;it was divine! Ram had a burger as always. 
On our way back to the hostel it was cold so Ram put his only jacket around me ( I was already wearing one). I felt so loved and precious. So far on this trip: he saved me from falling in a river on, saved me from a huge spider that was on my shorts!, got my wallet, and kept me warm. 🙂 🙂 🙂 

Time to rest my feet and legs! I’ll post when I can. 


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