Day 6 

Today flew by! I’m surprised because we did a big climb up to 11,874. The view was spectacular, of mountains and a big plateau below. I’m curious, where’s the tree line? Even at our highest point there were still trees, it’s crazy, in Washington the tree line is around only 6,000. I must say though, the pine trees look like Christmas trees grown and pruned on a tree farm; so thick you can’t see through them, great shape and uniform. I wonder if chopping down trees is legal here for Christmas? It would kind of be hard to drag it out but near the beginning of the trail there were also amazing trees, half of them were those silvery blue pines though. 

I realized today, I’m lucky that my husband fell in love with me out on the trail… this could be a real disaster. Together 24/7 tired, dirty, hungry ect. 

I’m mostly a light weight hiker but I do take (what hikers consider a luxury item) wet ones. For me they’re essential. It makes me so happy to clean my face, feet, armpits and uhh… other parts. It’s rough though being sticky everywhere else. I’m not used to being sticky. I don’t notice until I’m in my sleeping bag. I’m all steamy in my sleeping bag and it drives me crazy! If any air comes in my bag I’m freezing cause I’m wet. Which reminds me, I stopped using my sleeping bag liner. I used it the whole 5 months on the PCT because it keeps my bag clean but it’s also really warm and slips around constantly. I wake up so much to adjust it and/or because I’m just too hot! Anyways the point is, I didn’t sleep with it a couple nights ago and now I never will unless it’s REALLY cold. Oh, also Ram is sleeping on it to help with his no pad situation. Poor guy :(. We’ll get into town tomorrow and he’ll buy one. 


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