Day 7 

This morning Ed passed us taking down camp. His friend Chuck got off because of foot pain. 

We made it past our first 100! Wahoo! It was about 13 miles to the highway where a bus takes us into town.There have been A LOT of mountain bikers on the CT and today was the most so far. We must have moved aside for fifty or more. 

At the bus stop a mountain biker came up to Ram and started speaking Hebrew. The biker is half Israeli! We all chatted for awhile. He was really cool and gave us his number if we ever need anything while in Colorado.  
Right as the bus pulled up Ed arrived at the other side of the highway. He jumped on the bus, even though he was going to a town in the other direction, just to ask us to dinner! 

In Breckenridge were staying at an old house turned B & B. It’s ran by a British couple, there daughter and 16 year old standard poodle. I love to just listen to them talk. 
First thing we did was go to the city market to resupply. I was in shock being in that grocery store during the Saturday afternoon chaos. After so much solitude it’s almost violating being around people again. Everything’s loud, bright, moving and chattering. I’m always in someone’s way or them in mine. I forget how to flow between people. Breckenridge is a upper middle class ski resort town jam packed with beautiful people. It’s defiantly a touristy town. The Main Street is very charming. Most of the restaurants and shops (all mountain bike or ski) are in old houses. 
After regrouping from shopping we took showers and went out for a great dinner with Ed. Ed’s a 66 year old from Illinois who owns farm equipment businesses. He usually comes to Colorado with his wife twice a year to ski or camp. We may not see him again because he’s staying here for several days but you never know. 

Good thing I wore leggings today or this would have been way worse. Some day hikers had two aggressive dogs. This is from one of them jumping up on me. “There just protective” one of them said. I can’t stand it when people use that as an excuse. 

By the way my leggings don’t have a scratch on them, I’m really impressed;under armor means what they say. 


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