Day 8 cont. 

At the Fireside Inn we met a family from Tri Cities! The father was asking us about the CT and the PCT. His son, who was with them, has a friend on the PCT right now. It’s a rough year to do it because of the snow in the Sierras I’ve heard. Anyways they were in Denver for a family reunion. It seems like such a small world sometimes it blows my mind. 

This evening called for an early BBQ dinner! We sat outside a nearby amazing smelling BBQ restaurant at a picnik table. It was so hot that Ram asked a women if we could sit at her table in the shade. She said yes, her and her husband were boxing up anyways. Once the husband came back he struck up conversation that lasted over an hour. I think they’re late 30’s or so because one of their children is a senior in high school. They live in Boulder, Colorado where the husband works for a tea company. They happened to be world travelers and we’re in Israel a couple months ago. They’ve been to China, India, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, and  Uruguay, to name a few. The husband and Ram talked religion and politics, then traveling. I was bored the whole time we sat with them. I wasn’t in a very social mood and I had nothing to say on any of the subjects. They were really cool and nice but I was just wasn’t into it. 

Once we left, Ram wanted to go to a bar to drink more; we had one beer each with our dinner. I didn’t want to go but it was hardly 6 so I went. I had one beer while Ram had three. I wasn’t in a great mood so around 7:30 I decided to go back to the Inn alone. When Ram got in, two hours later, he was completely wasted. He had at least four more beers, three shots and apparently made a lot friends. 

My thoughts:

Taking a zero is interesting. It’s hard to go from hiker to townie. Every time around 24 hours off the trail I get really down and start thinking deeply about myself and my life. Maybe it’s just the lack of endorphins? Maybe it’s the lack of purpose in these moments? I feel panic and fear. Panic because achieving my goal feels tied to my self respect and fear if I don’t leave town NOW I’ll lose my drive. 

BUT: The time in town eating and resting is important. 

AND: Finding the balance between action and rest is an art. 


2 thoughts on “Day 8 cont. 

  1. Don’t worry about solving your feelings (fixing them). Just let them be. If you run away from them they will always come back; perhaps with a bit more force each time to help you to listen (“Hey! Listen!”).

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