Day 9

Did I mention Breckenridge and the two neighboring towns have a free bus system?! It’s awesome! This morning we got back on the trail at 10:30, I was very glad! Much better then the last two times out of town at 1pm! 

Our hike started at 9,680ft and over eight miles went up to 12,488ft! It was really hard because of the altitude, especially for Ram. He was gasping for air almost from the start and it only got worse. I’m guessing it had a lot to do with his drinking last night… A couple miles from the top I was waiting for him and he showed up white as a ghost and completely out of breath. I was really worried and stayed by him the rest of the climb. He’s been in high altitudes a lot in Nepal so he’s familiar with the effects of altitude but I was still nervous seeing him struggle so much. 

The struggle was worth it. The view was one of the most amazing I’ve seen; mountains of steel gray and velvet green with small towns and lakes tucked between. I almost used up all my phone battery taking videos and pictures. 

After the climb it was all down hill to camp, about three miles. I rolled my ankle on the way so I’m a little worried but I think it’ll be fine. 

My paws have been doing really good. I only have two little blisters. My paws haven’t consistently hurt. They only hurt if I don’t take enough breaks or if it’s the end of a 20 mile day. I clean them and massage them every night. I think the massaging REALLY helps them to heal and relax over night. 


One thought on “Day 9

  1. I was reading this and read the part about “My paws have been doing really good” and got really confused. What are paws? Is that some sort of new hiker gear? Special gloves? Foot protectors? Then I realized that is a blog about a little lion and that lions have paws! Doh! (face palm).

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