Day 10 

Early in our morning hike we reached the tourist town of Copper Mountain. We weren’t planning on stopping but a coffee shop was right off the trail. So we indulged 🙂 
Our climb today was just as high as yesterday but much more gradual. While about 2 miles from the top it began poring rain drops so big they splattered when they landed. The rain turned to slush, then hail as the sky rumbled with thunder. Once we’d get above the tree line it’d be five miles exposed so we were cautious. There is a cabin right below the tree line that we decided to check out. It is run by the Forrest Service, I believe but anyone can pay to bunk there. Ram knocked and knocked but no answer. He searched around and discovered one of the doors had been left unlocked. Wet and cold we waited out the worst of the storm warm and dry. The cabin was huge and really nice; three stories, about 25 beds, a huge kitchen completely stocked of everything but food, bathrooms, electricity, heat, and fire place. We had only gone less then ten miles so I was anxious to keep going. As we waited out the storm another guy that we just met today showed up for shelter. His name is Roney and he’s also Israeli and turns out he’s the one Ram had been communicating with on Facebook?! It’s just crazy. 

Once the rain stopped we took our chances and headed up. The view was even more epic than yesterday partially because the sky was so dramatic with storms in the distance. It’s so hard to stop taking pictures! The area above the trees has big rock fields that are swarming with marmots and pikas I mean swarming! I love both of them but it was bordering on creepy. 

Are we in the US or Scotland?!


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