Day 11

 August  17, 2016

Finally we left camp before 8. By lunch we had 12 miles done! The trail had almost the same gain as the last two days but it was MUCH more gradual and didnt quite make it out of the tree line. 

On lunch I had the “genius” idea of having the freeze dried cheesecake. It was strawberry cheesecake with gram cracker crumbs. We waited 20 minutes for it to rehydrate. It was hardly eatable 😦 It was so gross, even the gram cracker crumbs weren’t good (how do you screw up gram cracker crumbs?!) I think the strawberry flavoring is where the really weird taste came from. It was really disappointing 😦 maybe regular cheesecake would have been good? 

Not long after lunch the daily storm creeped in. It rained for about four hours and the sun never came back out. I was fantasizing about our hot ramen dinner for the last three hours of hiking. We met a solo hiker named Miles and a couple with a dog. The dog, Maybe, looked like a small brown and white Australian Shepard. I felt really bad for Maybe because she was limping a lot. Then I felt even worse because she walked through four hours of cold rain as we all did. 

In the distance this evening we could see snow dusted peaks! We’re camped in a bowl next to a beautiful lake. I discovered the lake has fish while going to wash a bowl. A fish jumped and I jumped and screamed. I wasn’t expecting fish because we haven’t seen any so far. 

We made it 23 miles today! My left ankle hurts a little but what sucks is I somehow got sand ground into my socks and now my right paw has a blood blister on the bottom… Great… I guess I should drain it? I haven’t decided. 


3 thoughts on “Day 11

  1. That’s too bad about the cheesecake! I recall having one of those freeze dried desserts on one of the family hikes and thought it was great and wanting more. Perhaps that was just due to kid taste buds… But, it was like 20 years ago, so who really knows.

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  2. That’s too bad about the cheesecake! I recall having one of those freeze dried desserts on one of the family hikes and recall that the dessert was really good and we all wanted more. Perhaps that was due to kid tastebuds, not enough food, or that it was 20+ years ago and I don’t really remember!

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