Day 13 Twin Lakes and Hope Pass

We got into twin lakes around 10:30. The town? is a general store, a food truck, and a few inns. I was disappointed because I really wanted breakfast from a diner but there are no restaurants that serve breakfast. There was no place to stay as I mentioned yesterday but we wouldn’t want to stay because if we hiked out tomorrow we would be right in the middle of the 800+ runners! We also didn’t have anyplace to shower or do laundry so the next stop will be in aboutfour days. That’s…9 days without a shower. My hair will start turning into dreadlocks by that time. 

After resuppling and eating from the food truck we went on our way. Lucky for us the race made a marked path that cut across the valley back to the trail. It saved us a pointless trip around the lakes just to end up across the valley. 

We did a 3,000 ft climb in three miles up to Hope pass at 12,500. Just before the last steep stretch to the top we passed a big aid station for the race. The group was camped next to Hope lake with their 19 lamas! The lamas were so adorable and fit right in with the surroundings, just munching away on the grass. We talked to a couple who’s been helping with the race for years. The man stood holding the reins of a lama, who’s head was above ours. A few times in our conversation the lama expressed itself through little cute whines. The man said she doesn’t want to do another water run. Lamas are so cute and goofy. 

The hike to Hope Pass was the hardest so far! No oxygen! My legs feel like the blood is being sucked from them when hiking at any incline (even a 2 degree incline) above  12,000. It never seems high because the trees grow almost to 12,000. 

It’s impossible to capture how epic the view is despite how hard I try. I wish I could, so you can really understand just how magnificent and majestic it is. The mountains are huge and today they looked so smooth I just wanted to reach out and pet them. 

The forecast said it would continue to be stormy and raining for the next three days but so far it hasn’t rained more than a few sprinkles. I’m really really glad.  



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