Day 14 Ann Pass

Today we went over Ann lake pass. The pattern has been: one pass a day over 12,000ft, the last mile or two to the top I walk about ten steps then stop to catch my breath. It’s crazy how hard it’s been to do these passes, I just can’t breath! I think it’s gotten easier but we just keep doing higher passes. 

Did I mention were on the Continental divide trail right now? There’s a section of the CT where it splits into two trails called the east and west collegiate. The west side is where the CDT goes. A lot of people suggested to do the west. We ran into a hiker who’s done both and he said the east is just as hard but with none of the reward. He said the east stays in the trees but goes up and down just as much. But… if it stays in the trees it would be easier because it stays lower. Anyways when we were in Twin Lakes all the hikers we met there said they’re doing east because it might be warmer…? We’ve been warm enough so far. So many people told us the west is MUCH more beautiful. A girl I know from the PCT last year just did the west and she said it was AMAZING! So we decided on the west. 

It wasn’t a very eventful day just hiked and saw the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. 


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