Day 20 The Cursed Segment 

August 26
The Colorado Trail is broken down into segments. We started the beginning of a new one right before camping last night and are camped now right after it. 

Rain pored down hard as nails all night. I tossed and turned hoping none of the stakes would come up by the wind whipping our tarp. The morning was cold and thick with white fog. We could hardly see 20 ft around us. It lasted only a few hours.  

Even though the sun came out I was in a weird low mood. My mood was weird and the day just got more and more weird. There was a fresh looking deer leg on the trail. Just a random leg ripped from a deer. It freaks me out because I see it as a bad omen. Then around 5 I was taking the lead and noticed a animal in the distance lying on the trail. I thought maybe it was a big dog so a whistled but no response. It looked like flys were around it… I was nervous to see what it was so  I yelled to Ram “maybe it’s a cow” he said. We cautiously approached. It was a cow, a red and white calf lying perfectly across the trail, dead. It had no signs of why it might have died; no blood, it wasn’t skinny, and no broken bones that we could see. It looked perfectly healthy, and didn’t stink. You could see it moved its legs in the dirt a bit. I thought to call the Forrest service but I had no service. So all we could do is walk on, perplexed and creeped out. There was no way we were going to touch it to drag it off the trail. Not ten minutes later we walked passed a pile of bones, then a dried scull perched on a post. It was bad juju. The whole area from morning till evening just felt weird. We met an older couple in this area and I told Ram “they are probably ghosts trapped in this segment cursed to walk it over and over for all eternity”. It made me wonder, maybe at one point in time something really bad happened in this area. 

We got the hell out of there! 


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