Day 21 Mile 300

August 27
We passed mile 300 today! 

In a couple days we have a section of 20 miles above the tree line. From what people have been telling us, the lightening storms should be over or close to it. The season is from the end of July thru August, since we’re at the very end of August we might not have any more. I really hope not because there’s another section that’s 40 miles above the tree line! 

The theory is to get up early so you get over a high point before noon BUT on this trail right after one high point is another. So if you only go 10 miles a day that might work. 

The weather seems to have changed. It’s been colder and rainy for about a week. It seems to be moving into fall. After it rained awhile this afternoon walked through aspens. Among the aspens the atmosphere changed. It was more peaceful. Everything was vibrant from the rain. Tens of mushrooms had just bursted through the dirt. I love how they burst out of the ground and still have dirt and pine needles on them. It’s so cute! 


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