Day 22 Lake City

August 28

8 miles into our hike we came to a junction. Stay on the CT or do a CT bike detour? One goes high above tree line and one stays flat. Neither of us could decide which to take. We were not excited about climbing because the weather has been raining, hailing and cold. Plus… I haven’t been feeling motivated and I haven’t been enjoying myself. I need something to snap me out of my rut! Something to get me excited again about the trail. 

We left the decision to fate or God or whatever you want to call it. Ram grabbed a flat coin shaped rock and we named one side the mountains. He dropped the “coin” on accident and it landed mountains down. Then he flipped it “for real” and again, mountains down. 

The route was all hard dirt roads with the sun beating down on us. I regretted our “decision” the whole time pretty much but the mountains were full of black clouds. Several hours we walked baking in a dessert sticking a thumb out to any car. We had an idea to hitch to town to shave a day off. Eventually a man Paul offered us a ride. He, his wife and their six year old son were driving home from camping. Paul drove us to a highway that goes straight to the town we were aiming for. It took about and hour. Not a minute after Paul dropped us off another guy (not sure his name) picked us up and drove us an hour to Lake City. This guy was a major mountain climber. He was working on doing the highest peaks in Colorado. He had done all the 14’s which is 58 peaks and is now working on the 13’s which is 600, of which he’s done 500. 

In Lake City is an old mining town turned “tourist” town, maybe partly because it’s the only town by five 14’ers. Everything is way overpriced but not worth it. The town looks dirty and run down. It took us a long time to find a place to stay. We went to several places, all over 100 and the only one we felt comfortable in was 140! The town was just depressing, even the food was depressing. 

Well, Lake City did the trick! It got me out of my rut. I wanted to be back on the trail more than ever! 


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