Day 23

August 29

There’s a free shuttle from Lake City to the trail. It’s doesn’t leave till noon and we were ready at 11 so we tried to hitch for awhile but the only one who stopped, stopped to tell us about the shuttle. So we waited in the town park. One pick up truck came driven by Lucky a local of Lake City. Five hikers and an Alaskan Malamute pilled into his truck. All of us but one north bounder planned on hiking to a Yurt for hikers about 8 miles in. After in hailed and rained on us during these miles we were extremely glad for shelter. The Yurt has two bunk beds, four cots, a gas stove and a fireplace. We arrived around 4:30 and spent the evening having a great time with all the other hikers. All together 9 of us stayed in the Yurt and two others camped outside. 

Tomorrow is a big climb to the high point of the CT 13,271 which starts as soon as we leave the Yurt. We’re in the 38 miles of above 12,000 section. 


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