Day 24 Will we die? 

August 30

The climb to the high point wasn’t that bad. There was one steep part but it was mostly a gradual incline which is still hard because of the altitude. The altitude is SUCH a game changer it’s astounding. 

Several people told us the San Juan mountains are incredible and they defiantly weren’t exaggerating. Today’s our first day in them and, WOW. The variety of colors and shapes IS incredible! One of the hikers we met yesterday said they were created by volcanic activity and it shows; not that I’m a geologist. 

Ram and I are camped at 12,700… There is a BLACK storm coming nearer and now it’s raining so I’m a little freaked out. I’m crossing my fingers that there won’t be lightning. Maybe it’ll hit the trekking polls that are holding our tent up first? 
I’m not certain that we’ll survive the night if there’s lightning…

Lightning suggestion: hike 100 ft from others to prevent lightening from striking one person and side striking another. 


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