Day 25

August 31

I listened to the rain until it stopped. I waited to hear thunder but it never came, thankfully. I slept surprisingly well despite the altitude, our slanted camp ground and the cold. This morning our tarp was covered in ice on the outside and the inside. I tried to take a picture but it just looks like rain, which it is, but frozen. 

The views today were the most amazing so far; green hills, cliffs, pure rock mountains, lakes, canyons, forrest, good smells, springs, and flowers. It was mind blowing! At one point walking across a plateau I SWEAR I smelled pumpkin bread! Maybe it was just the altitude? That’s Rams explanation for everything “it’s the altitude”. 

It’s kind of strange but out of all the amazing sights today I loved a red and white mushroom the most. You know the red and white mushrooms from Mario? The One Up mushrooms? I believe it was the real version. I was very impressed and excited by it! It’s just so cute! I’d never seen one before. 

For half the day we did small climbs and descents, all above tree line. The second half we descended from 12,600 to 9,000! Then tomorrow morning we’ll climb back to 11,000 when highway 550 crosses the trail. Hwy 550 is where we’ll hitch to Silverton, our last resupply before Durango!!! Wahoo! 


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