Day 26 Silverton 

September 1

A ten minute walk from where we camped was a short trail down a train stop. We ALMOST took the train into Silverton. I REALLY wanted to, it’d be my first time but I didn’t want to skip ANOTHER climb (it’s a five mile climb to the highway where we hitch to town). 

Near the highway Ram noticed a man at the trail head getting ready to leave. He ran and caught him just in time! The guy was very kind and graciously gave us a ride. He was visiting from Arizona and on his way to Lake City to climb a couple of 14ers. Silverton, our destination is on the way. Climbing the 14ers seems to be a BIG thing here.

Silverton is a really cute town. It looks frozen in the old west. The train stop is right in the center of town, the buildings are wood or brick and there’s a guy who drives a carriage while wearing an old leather trench coat and cowboy hat. Only the Main Street is paved and probably only because it’s a highway. Most of the towns we’ve been to look similar but Silvertone looks the most what I imagine an old mining town to look like, which it is. 

Recently there was a toxic spill up the river. I can’t remember what from but our hitch said the river ran bright orange. Now the land where the spill happened and the river are unusable. 

The Blair Street Hostel was a perfect nero (almost zero) for us. We got in early enough to have a private room, do laundry and take showers! Throughout the day everyone from the Yurt showed up and several more. By the end of the evening there was about 20 people. It was a lot of fun! 


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