Day 27 Last section

September 2

It drizzled all night and into the morning, causing almost everyone to zero. Only two people other than us continued on. Talk spreads quick between hikers and today it was all warnings of heavy rain for the next two days. It made me a little less excited to hike but weather reports aren’t super accurate and it hasn’t yet rained on us for more then 5 hours at once. I can deal with rain for a few days especially when it’s our last section. Also, it’s Colorado and the weather is constantly rapidly changing. 

We had a good breakfast and hitched back to the trail with the possibility in our mind that we may be cold, wet and miserable for the next few days. 

The weather turned out to be PERFECT! It sprinkled for about 30 seconds then was warm and sunny all day! We went a lot farther then I expected, 15 miles, making it an even 60 to Durango! 3 full days if the weather allows. 

The trail isn’t over yet but I would defiantly do it again. It’s such a gorgeous trail and a good length. I felt like I was in a fairy tale so many times, sometimes the dark and creepy kind but still magical and mystical. 

About twenty feet from our camp a deer was eating grass for about an hour. Ram tried to chase it off but it wasn’t afraid it just walked off slow then came right back. Maybe hikers feed the deer or maybe something there is EXTRA yummy? The deer was really creepy. It looked like it was starving and/or has a serious disease. The poor thing was skin and bone. 


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