Day 28 Our storm has come

September 3

The trail was more of a river bank, luckily the soil is hard clay so it wasn’t really muddy. Strong storms came and went repeatedly. The worst was this afternoon. A thunderstorm was right above us! The thunder was like none I’ve ever heard. The crackling and crashing sounded electronic and overly dramatic. We stood under trees to get out of the gussing rain and waited out the storm before doing a pass. After a half hour it passed and the sun came out. The view from the pass was mystical. Patches of fog sat on the surrounding hills and mountains. Everything was extra colorful and sharp after being washed.

I’m really surprised, my paws stayed almost completely dry all day! My Salamons trail runners are pretty awesome! I took a risk wearing them because it’s my first time but luckily they’ve been really comfortable! In every other brand I’ve worn by the end of the day my paws HURT. I usually feel like someone has been pounding my paws with a sludge hammer all day. It could partial be that we don’t usually do THAT many miles; 18 has been our norm. So I can’t say how they’d be for 25-30. 

I remembered today the question, what will I do when I get home?! First I’ll just hang out till Ram goes back to Israel on the 25th, but then what? It’ll be time to make some money and do all the responsible adult things I guess… Colorado is EXPENSIVE! It’s known as rich people’s playground. It’s sad really. Did I tell you it’s swarming with Texans on vacation? I would have never guessed that.

We’ve been trying to find cheap ways to get from Durango to Denver but there isn’t. The only option is the Greyhound and it’s $200 for the both of us and takes ten hours. So it seems renting a car will be cheaper and much faster. 


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