Day 29 Almost there!

September 4

Today we had a clear blue sky! I sat on the grass in the warm sunlight and looked at the sky. I realized one of the greatest things about being on the trail is its timelessness. Looking around nothing shows it’s Sunday or that it’s 2016. The escape from the daily grind and conformity is so liberating. I can feel my chest get lighter with each breath. 

I was telling Ram “I wish I brought a bag of junk food” when he whipped around and I crashed into him. “I just saw a but, someone is taking a dump on the trail”. A white but was facing us, ahead on the left of the trail. We waited annoyed, till they were done. When we reached the group it belonged to, we met an elderly couple, their friend from Texas (surprise) and their dog Willie. The man gave us homemade cookies, homemade struttle and pears from their garden! He talked our ears off telling us about the native flowers and I listened intently to show appreciation. It was our first trail magic! It was such a great surprise! 

Tomorrow we’re planning on finishing or getting REALLY close. There is 22 miles left and from the elevation map it looks easy so we should be able to finish. We’ll see. 


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