Durango to Denver

September 6 

I made it through the night with VERY little sleep and no encounter with a cop or ranger! Phew! 

It was the night of Labor Day so I didn’t expect enforcement to be on the prowl but logic and paranoia still fought all night. 

We woke up at 6:30 and packed up fast. It was less than quarter mile to the Durango trail head. It was only 7 when we started to walk towards Durango and hitch. A young mother on her way to drop her son off at preschool offered us a ride into town. She told us a trolly system in town can get us around and to our car rental. First on my list, breakfast!!! We read about a place College Drive Cafe so we worked our way there. Oh, it was awesome! It was our celebratory breakfast and it was perfect! I had thick cinnamon french toast, eggs and sausage! Ram had an veggie omelet of spinach, broccoli, fried mushrooms and zucchini and a pancake! 

After breakfast we searched for a elusive trolly stop. Our route map was no help. We asked construction workers who directed us wrong. So we wondered around looking until Ram chased down a passing trolly! Thankfully the driver stopped for us! I was surprised because the map says they won’t. It was about a half hour to get to the car rental shop. We were very lucky to have the public transportation because it was way out of town in a remote location; alone next to a busy highway with no way to walk there and accessible by only one direction of traffic. 

We drove a new Ford Focus which I though was cool because that’s what I have, just 16 years older… It was in the ultimate grandma color though… sparkly grayish tan. The car got great gas mileage but because of it, had no power. It was nerve wracking passing people because when I pressed on the gas almost nothing happened. 

It’s 6 hours from Durango to Denver. I was fun because we passed by many places we went on the trail. It was a slow goodbye to the adventure; a grace period between trail and home. Best of which, was Salida! Salida’s about halfway so we stopped for lunch at the Fritz and bought Salida merchandise. I bought a shirt and Ram bought a cap. He looks so handsome in his new hat :). 

Did I tell you that we left my car at a hotel? Well, when we went to pick it up the guy working the front desk looked for our keys for about three seconds and said sorry I don’t know where they are. Ram had called the manager ahead of time to let her know we’d be coming in the evening to get our car. She said she’d leave our keys with whoever would be working but he had no clue. So Ram had to practically twist the guys arm into finding our keys, it was ridiculous! The girl we dealt with when we dropped our car off before the trail, was the same way. Ram had to push and push to get her to help us, too. Neither of them had initiative to find a solution to what they didn’t know, it was weird and irritating. 

Anyways, we got our keys eventually, dropped the rental car off, got food and a cheep room for the night. 

After a long hot shower I slipped into bed. Lying in bed I could finally relax. My day of constant action slowed to a stop. I took a deep breath as I watched Ram lying next to me falling asleep; so peaceful and sweet. I felt so much joy and love. Then it hit me like a thousand gallons of water. He’s leaving again. On the 25th he’ll be gone, back to Israel. At this realization, the air in me turned to stone. When he leaves I never really know when I’ll see him again. I don’t want to be separated from him for more than an hour. How am I supposed to bare several months, AGAIN?! I don’t know if I can. Ram held me tight, in a puddle of tears and snot, as I cried and cried. Every time I almost stopped I remembered why I was crying, and began to cry harder. So I cried in his arms until I fell asleep. 


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