Arches National Part


On our way back to Washington we had a few stops to make. Arches, Canyonlands and Salt Lake City. I had been wanting to go to Arches since last summer. Canyonlands I didn’t know existed till we looked up information on Arches. Salt Lake City is where my brother Seth lives and where I left my wedding ring for safe keeping.

We left Denver around 11am and drove five hours to Arches. The ticket gates were closed so we got in for free, normally it’s $25! Ram asked a Ranger what the deal was with the gate and he said you don’t need to pay today. Sweet! We saw it as a sign to explore the park, right now. So we spent until dark seeing as much as possible. Our timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Most people were on there way out and sunset (or sunrise) is the most beautiful time to see the park. The place blew my mind! The rocks and arches were so much larger than I ever imagined in my head. Oh, the sunset, it was so so so gorgeous. The wispy pink and orange clouds were like cotton candy spread across the sky over the glowing red rocks. It looked like an old movie set sunset; too beautiful to be real. It was real. Reality is more beautiful than anything I could imagine. 

A perfect evening of exploring, beauty and my love. 


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