Pas Misérable

Three weeks down and seven to go.

It’s now seven because that’s when I’m going to Israel!!! WAHOO!!!! I leave on December 2nd. I’m so excited, especially because when I’m there we’re going to hike the Israeli National Trail! The INT is 630 miles running north to south starting near the border of Syria and ending at the Red Sea. I wanted another adventure when the Colorado trail ended in September so I’m very grateful.

I was thinking about the Colorado trail the other day and remembered a conversation Ram and I had on our lunch break. We’ve had a lot of random conversations but this one sticks out. We were sitting on a log eating our ham and cheese sandwiches when we started talking about people who’ve had horrible accidents or sicknesses leaving them without legs. I turned towards Ram and asked him jokingly “would you stay with me and still love me if I lost my legs?” Without hesitation and with a straight face he calmly said “yes”. His response was so sincere it surprised me. I could tell that he really meant it, from the bottom of his heart. I was so touched by his response my mouth dropped and I just stared at him with tears welling in my eyes. To have someone love me so deeply that they are certain their love would never change even if I was wheel chair bound or had prosthetic legs is deeply touching. I was overcome with gratitude for his compassion and love. I am one damn lucky girl. 

This week was MUCH better then last week. I’ve been in a good mood for most of it. I kept up with my jogging despite the cold and wet weather. I also kept reading Siddhartha. It’s turning out to be an easy read, I’m already over halfway done. So what I’m saying by all this is, I’m a functioning human being. It’s painful being separated from Ram but this week I wasn’t miserable. 


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