10am date night

Four weeks down and six to go! How has it only been four weeks since Ram left, uhg, it feels like it has been twice that!

This week went fine. Work was a little chaotic because the billing project I was hired to do has been full of confusion and miscommunication. It’s a lot to explain but basically as of now it’s on hold because it isn’t clear if the billing has already been done or not by the office that told us to do it. Ya, it’s stupid. But, luckily I’ve been getting other random things to keep me working. I don’t know how long that will last but I only need four more weeks of work; fingers crossed. I’m up for just about anything when I know it will only last a month.

Every morning Ram and I video chat over Skype. Yesterday morning Ram asked me on a Skype date :). My heart did a little flutter and my cheeks blushed. It was so sweet and unexpected. It’s been so long since we had a date that I was really excited and giddy. I cleaned my room, adjusted the lighting, did my hair and makeup and picked out an outfit. Because he can’t see past my chest I can go barefoot :). 10am Saturday morning I was ready for our date! For Ram it was the more normal date time of 8pm. He called me up and we had a twenty first century date. I was snug and warm in my room sipping coffee and he was relaxing outside sipping beer. For those few hours if felt like we were in the same place at the same time. Even though we’re on opposite sides of the planet we can still have date night. 



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