“All of Israel…”

Five days till my flight to Israel. Six days till I see Ram. AHHH!!!!!! I’m freaking out a little. Everyday I’m more excited and terrified.

4AM Thanksgiving morning Ram texted me “all of Israel is on fire.” It’s been extremely dry and windy for about a week; perfect fire conditions. He was heading home from work when the train wasn’t allowed to go any farther. Ram works in Tel Aviv and lives in the north, between Nazareth and Haifa. The train announcer said a bus would take people to the next station (where his car was) but there was no bus. He hailed a taxi but the driver refused, saying “I couldn’t take you no matter how much you paid me.” Ram said it was chaos; like a war zone. Luckily one of his brothers live in southern Israel and he was able to take a train there.

Needless to say I didn’t sleep after Ram told me all this. How could I sleep when “all of Israel is on fire?!”

In the same day four fires started in Haifa; the largest city in northern Israel. Haifa is not very far from Ram’s home so I was pretty worried. I was also worried for his friends and relatives who live in Haifa. While his brother in-laws parents were evacuating, their house was catching fire. 60,000 people were evacuated from the city and over 700 homes were burned or damaged.

During the week there were over 1,500 fires in the north of Israel, the West Bank and around Jerusalem (250 were large fires). 23 people have been arrested on suspicion of arson. Some of the fires are believed to be natural, some negligence and others arson.

I spent Thanksgiving worrying about Ram and wishing I could be there. I want to be by his side. I feel stuck on the sidelines; completely powerless. We’re partners. Every part of me screams to be there when he needs me.

By Friday evening he was home with his family for their Friday night dinner. His brother in-laws parents were back in the city. Their home had been saved by firefighters. It must have been an immense relief (their neighbors weren’t so lucky). It gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling when Ram sent me a picture of his family’s Friday feast. 🙂 I was very grateful to know his family was together and safe.

It was the perfect ending to Thanksgiving.

The fires are said to be under control but the weather is still dry. It’s supposed to rain this week. I really hope it does and it pours! Let it rain, let it rain!

In the face of fear I see what matters. Family, friends, and life.


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