Double rainbow 

❄️️My posts may be sporadic now that I’ll be hiking. I can’t guarantee any schedule but I’ll try to post once every Sunday…ish; more if possible. 

Tomorrow we start the Israel National Trail. Finally! We’re anxious to start. It’s been raining off and on so much this week that we only went walking twice. But, we enjoyed being lazy, and indulging in a lot of good food and drinks. 

The forecast says three more days of rain… but we’re not too worried. The weather can always change and if it gets too bad we’ll stop at the nearest village. According to Ram “most of the trail, until the desert you have options every day to get food, shelter or both”.

Today we bought our first INT food supply! It’s exciting and interesting supplying in a different country. It was really similar to what we’d buy in the states; instant noodles, bars, meat, cheese etc. But it’s hard for me to pick things out when all I understand are the pictures… good thing I have my trusty Ram! 

The biggest difference in our supply is protein bars, they aren’t readily available in Israel. There isn’t an isle full of hundreds of protein bars in every grocery store and gas station like in the states. So we bought halva bars, nuts, and meat for protein. Halva is a bar made from sesame seed paste. I hope I like it… I had it once, I think it was okay? 

This evening on our way to Friday night dinner, as it drizzled lightly and the sun set, a double rainbow softly stretch from horizon to horizon. The eve of starting the Colorado Trail hike we also saw a double rainbow. Weird… I choose to see it as a good sign. 

I’m excited and nervous for this new experience. It’s a new hike, with a new tent, with different food, in a different country, with a different language and different culture. Phew! It’s a lot to take in but, I’m okay with that. 

I’m ready to start a new adventure.  
I’m open to whatever comes, or doesn’t come. I have no expectations. 

Here’s some Halva bars in Christmas colors! 🎄not on purpose but I’ll take it!

Food supply for the first three days. 


6 thoughts on “Double rainbow 

  1. Good luck Little Lion! I actually was just thinking about “marble nut halva” that mom used to buy perhaps 25-30 years ago and I don’t believe I’ve had since. I was wondering if any place still made it. I recall that I liked it but most of the rest of the family didn’t. It’s pretty strong and usually just a bite or two was enough for a serving. Eating a whole bar of it could be pretty intense.

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  2. I am so excited for this new adventure of yours! Your food supply definitely looks different. I’m sure you will have another incredible journey. I love you!

    P.S. Gary says he’s still crying at the airport. I guess they don’t let men with faces as ugly as his and stumps for legs into Israel.

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  3. I am always excited to see that you have posted something new on your blog. I enjoy hearing your thoughts and seeing the pictures. Wish you and Ram a safe journey as you start the trail. And may the rain stop.

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