Trail initiation 

Our journey takes us from the borders of Lebanon and Syria to Egypt. Already I’ve seen vast changes in the scenery. Farms, orchards, towns, parks, forests, and rivers. I ate an olive from a young olive tree, which I now understand why it takes SO long for them to be eatable… wow was it bitter! 
We’ve walked in so much sticky mud! At times I swear I’m carrying five pound of clay on each foot, it looks like I’m wearing mud snowshoes. It’s exhausting to constantly try and get the mud off. It makes for slow hiking. As soon as you get it off ten steps later it’s back. But the weather is supposed to dry up so it should become much easier. 
Tonight is our second night. I think we’ve gone about 25 miles? We’re staying in Ramot Naftali at an old rundown kindergarten turned into shelter for INT hikers. The INT is very patriotic thing to do in Israel so there are many places to stay for free or very cheap. 
We made a warm dinner of meat balls and rice. Our tent is sprawled out to dry. It’s another evening of trail life. I’m curious. What will tomorrow bring? 
Goodnight 💤 


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