Galilee and Jordan

December 22

The Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) is on the Great Syria-African break. The east and west banks of the sea are the edges of the crack. In the morning we climbed the Arbel cliffs above its west bank. We stayed above the sea all day walking through villages, farms and the city of Tiberius.

Once we reached the southern end of the sea we went down from the hills to the Jordan river. On the shore of the Jordan river we stayed at Rob Roy’s, a Native American style canoe rental shop. Close by in Kibbutz Kinneret they grow dates, my favorite dried fruit, and sell them at a fancy shop. Ram and I roamed around there tasting the dates and bought a couple pounds or so…

During the night at Rob Roy’s the many roosters that were roaming the place began to crow at 1am! They kept crowing all night long! It was ridiculous! Three or so where in a tree right next to us and others were in trees near by. One sounded exactly like someone blowing on a party horn as hard as they can! As I went in and out of sleep I fantasized about ringing their necks; Ram fantasized about kicking them as hard as he can. I guess this is the price you pay when you stay for free… I need earplugs.

December 23

We spent the morning walking along the Jordan river. The area the Jordan river looks like no place else in Israel, to me. The plants are a little different than in other areas, it’s beautiful. When we split from the river we climbed up out of the Kinneret area and into a big farming area. It looked like what I imagine Italy looks like, dirt roads weaving through vineyards and rolling hills.

During lunch we decided to go back to Alonim for the weekend. For one: We were hiking for six days straight and wanted a break. Two: Ram’s brothers family will be in Alonim and he wants to see them and Third: it’s Christmas, the start Hanuka and it’s supposed to rain.

We hiked until about 4pm when we hit a main road where Ram’s dad picked us up. I didn’t realize how gross I felt until I was sitting in his jeep. It was about a half hour drive to get back to Alonim. Since we started the trail we’ve been getting closer and closer to Alonim. The trail eventually goes right next to it. We’re not positive when we’ll get back on the trail. It depends on the rain and how I feel (I got sick with a cold a couple days ago).

It’s Christmas tomorrow! It’s hard not being home for Christmas. I love Christmas. It doesn’t feel like Christmas, I guess because there are no Christmas decorations and no snow outside. But, I got a Christmas card in the mail from my sister! I was so happy to receive it. It means so much when I feel like such an outsider.

Ram’s family celebrates Hanukkah. Tonight was the first day of Hanukkah. They lit a candle, sang songs and danced around. Then we ate traditional deserts, mostly fried food, some savory and some sweet. It was interesting. I’ve never been exposed to Hanukkah before. I loved these little cheese pancakes his sister made and some traditional deserts that are similar to baklava; if you know what that is.

Now I’m listening to Christmas music and I’ll watch my favorite Christmas movies! Christmas is where I am, right? I think tomorrow Ram and I will make Christmas cookies and hot apple cider! 🙂

Merry Christmas!

Arbel cliffs full of ruins

Jewish people wrapping themselves in the flag


City of Tiberius

Sea of Galilee

Date trees

Rob Roy’s

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Here you can hear the annoying roosters! 

Jordan river

Jordan river

Farms next to the Sea

First Hanukkah


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  1. So I feel really bad that I didn’t send your Christmas package yet. I didn’t think you would be back home on Christmas. I hope you feel better and have a wonderful Christmas. I love you!

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