Saved by the Ram 

Today we’re back on the trail. We’ve finished everything north of Alonim and we’re continuing on south. We got about 130 miles down and 500 to go. 

It was beautiful and sunny. We climbed the Carmel Mountains and walked passed caves until the Mediterranean Sea. As we approached the Sea the sun was setting. The day is so short we ended up hiking past dark to get off the mountain to camp. Something about hiking in the dark makes me very alert and jumpy. It’s like an adrenaline boost. 

Hiking down the Carmel was rough. It was really rocky and steep. We squeezed through big rock slots and climbed down wet rocks. I was in front Ram hustling when I slipped. My feet crossed and I feel pack first into a dry thorn bush. I could feel I was headed down hill and didn’t know what was below me. My heart stopped and I shouted “Ram, Ram Ram!” He grabbed my hand and then my other to keep me from falling further. He pulled me up onto my feet and squeezed me close. “Your okay, your okay.” He assured me until asking if I really was indeed unhurt. Buried in his chest I was shaking and holding back tears. I swallowed the lump in my throat to answer “I’m okay, just shaken”. We looked below the bush I’d smashed to see a three or so drop to rocks and mud. I may have been fine but, maybe not. Dropped head first is terrifying and dangerous. 

We continued on. I took a deep breath to calm myself so I’d stop shaking. I am so grateful Ram caught me. Ram was there for me. When I needed him, he was there. When I was falling, he caught me. He pulled me to safety and into his arms. :,) My husband, my hero. 

The Mediterranean Sea 


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