Happy New Year! 

New Year’s Eve started our rough with heavy rain and a rocky muddy trail. I almost lost it because the trail was such a wet muddy mess and the only way to get around was to push through thorny dry bushes that stab you and grab your clothes. To add to my mood, my neck was getting progressively more sore as the day went on. I must has strained it in the fall yesterday. 

But, between the muddy roads was an awesome artist town where we got in from the cold to sip hot coffee. 

At the end of the day a trail angel picked us up to stay in her home. She lives in Zikhron Ya’aqov; it’s a charming town known for winery’s and restaurants. At Marta’s (the trail angel) house the downstairs was a full private apartment with an amazing view of the Sea. Lucky for us her house was within walking distance of a restaurant Ram wanted to try. 

The restaurant was so perfect. I loved it so much. It was cozy, romantic, almost empty, and had incredible food. We had salad, bread, steak, wine and dessert. Each item was the best or close to the best I’ve ever had! 
It couldn’t have been a better New Years evening! 

Happy New Year! 

The trail… with a dead animal carcass in the puddle. 

Coffee shop in the artist town. 

View from our room. 


Main strip where the restaurant was. 


One thought on “Happy New Year! 

  1. Looks like a nice place to eat. While you and Ram are struggling with rain and mud, we are struggling with snow, wind and high’s in the upper 20’s. Still, I think the snow is prettier than mud. Hope weather and trail improve very soon.


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