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BAM! On the ground 

Let me tell you a little about my hiking polls. 

First off, I really do appreciate them. They weigh hardly nothing. They’ve taken me over thousands of miles and held up amazingly. Except for some scratches they’re basically in perfect condition! I’ve had no problems with them collapsing or pieces breaking off but… but! it is their mission in life to fall down. 

Anytime and every time I tilt them against someone or something they fall right to the ground. Lean them on a tree, BAM on the ground. Lean them on me, BAM on the ground. Lean them on a wall, a chair, a fence, a corner, BAM straight to the ground. Also, you can lean them on something and have them stay for hours till out of the blue BAM on the ground.

How do they do it?! Are they trying to send me a message? Maybe they’re tired or sick of hiking. Maybe they just love to make me squat down over and over throughout the hiking day. Be forewarned polls! I’ve seriously considered leaving you rather than squatting down to pick you up. I think to myself “is it really worth it to pick them up?” Some days it’s a close call. It may surprise you but I’m extremely lazy. Leaning over or squatting uses a lot of extra effort when I have my pack on. 

So, dear polls, please stop falling. 

Not cool polls. 

Not cool. 

Sincerely Thank you, 



4 thoughts on “BAM! On the ground 

  1. LOL!!! You know what it is right? It’s Gary, and he’s mad because you refuse to play scrabble with him. So for as long as you continue to ignore his irritating plee he will continue to knock your polls down. BAM!!


  2. I think the poles are just trying to get some rest. They get pounded into the ground, beat against rocks and trees, and bent over all day long. They actually are a pretty devoted support system, but bending over to pick them up is still a pain.

    In case you didn’t know, you are an Aunt …. again. Baby boy came to Seth and Amy January 10th. All doing well.

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