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Getting to the desert 

*I haven’t had service so that’s why I’m posting a day late. 

I love the desert. The silence is powerful. It’s like being in a soundproof room only with an AMAZING view. It’s fascinating how it can be so quiet. It’s very calming. 

It felt like we were never going to get here. It was always a few days away. 

To get here:

For a couple days we walked next to the West Bank, not a mile from Palestinian villages. The area was a little nerve wracking. Especially after Ram mentioned terrorist have come from these villages. Ram did most of his military service in the West Bank. The reality of this area sunk in a little more when I saw the kibbutz we were staying in for the night. The fences were the most serious I’ve seen, heavy metal gates, electric wires and barbed wire tops. Most kibbutz you can just walk right on in. Ram made sure we stayed inside villages each night for safety. 

After distancing ourselves a little from the West Bank we had Bedouins to be aware of. They aren’t so much a safety concern but they’re extremely poor so if given a chance they may steal your stuff. When walking through a few Bedouin villages we did it briskly and discretely. 

Arad was our last stop before the desert. Soon before arriving we met our first through hiker! His name is John. He’s a retiree from New Zealand. John hiked the PCT in 2006 and was the second hiker to stay at Scout and Froudo’s house (a famous place to stay before hiking the PCT). It was so good to meet another hiker, even if he was going the other direction. 

In Arad we stayed at the Desert Bird guesthouse. It was so charming! Charming as if Better Homes and Garden made a guesthouse. The women who runs it, Michal, was great! She was professional, welcoming and kind. We really enjoy staying there. I’d defiantly go back given the chance. 

I’ll tell you more about our desert adventures in my next post! 

The West Bank 

Bedouin villages 

Bedouins herding sheep

Turtle crossing the road. One of the animals I can catch on camera! We’ve seen a lot of cool animals like foxes, jackal, mountain gazelle, camels desert mountain goats and golden desert mice! 

Three young soldiers

Desert Bird Guesthouse 


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