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Sometimes life gives you gifts and your fear or your plans can get in the way. But I’ve learned if I’m flexible and I listen to the hints my experiences are better and easier. When I’m synchronized I feel like I’m on the right path. 

From the big crater we hiked to Midreshet Ben Gurion. It’s a college and boarding school town. It’s right on the edge of a big canyon with wild goats roaming around eating residents gardens. We stayed in a trail angels house and finally had the chance to do laundry. Washing all of our clothes is few and far between; we’ve only done it three times…

After a bed, drinks and good food we were recharged and ready to get on with it! Our packs were weighted down with two days of water and three days of food. At our next water source I accidentally destroyed our 2 platypus blaters… Ram was about 200ft below a cliff where he’d found water. The water was dripping from a small crack in the rocks. Which, in the desert in this time of the year it’s extremely rare. I was on the cliff where I dropped them rolled around a rock (so they wouldn’t float around and get stuck in the cliff going down). They bashed into the rocks below and split open in several places. Not my brightest moment. We had to then drink unfiltered water for about a day to Mitspe Ramon. 

Mitspe Ramon means Ramon lookout, it’s a city on the edge of Ramon crater. In total we walked around and in the crater for four days. Ramon crater is bigger than both the others combined. In Mitspe we stayed at Silent Arrow hostel (we stayed there during our last visit to the desert about a year ago). 

Silent arrow is a place where all sorts of people come to volunteer to help run it. This time around there were four volunteers and many of there friends hanging around. Two of the volunteers were a couple, one from Germany and one from France. They were mid twenties aspiring circus performers. The have an act called Bonnie and Clown. I should have asked them to do there show for us! Damn…

With Ramon crater in our rear view mirror we’re now in uncharted territory (at least for me). I’d been around many of the places until now. I’m excited to see what’s next! It’s supposed to be even more remote; which I love. 

Tonight we couldn’t have been more synchronized. We decided to end our day in Sapir village. As we walked across the village Ram asked a man where the grocery store is. The man pointed at loading school busses and said if you take one to the next village there is a big supermarket. We hooped on the bus and in two minutes it was off. So we did our last resupply for five days with better options and much cheaper. 

As we exited the store the first car we saw stopped and offered us a ride. The driver was going exactly where we were; back to Sapir. He told us resupplying at this store was a great idea because the village store is robbery! 

In Sapir we had an awesome shawarma dinner and are now camping in a desert oasis. The village has a picture perfect park with green grass, ducks, a lake, drinking water, bathrooms and picnic tables. In the middle of the desert! Oh and it’s actually CLEAN I haven’t seen any garbage on the ground! One of the reasons I love the desert so much may in part be to the fact that we see MUCH less garbage. 

It’s amazing to be synchronized. I’m very grateful for it. It’s the perfect start to our last section of this trail. We’re neroing tomorrow (doing almost no miles) then it’s off to Eilat! Wahoo!!! 

Wild Goats (Ibex) 

A couple camels

Goat cheese with dates and apricots! 

A canyon we climbed out of

Silent Arrow 

Ramon crater 

360 of Ramon Crater

The park in Sapir 


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