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Epic ending

I’m so happy that we walked south. The north was kind of terrible (because of the season) but climbing through the Eilat Mountains down to the Sea was as epic as The Odyssey.

Our last few days were spent hiking through Timna park and the Eilat Mountains. This area is incredible! With black mountains, red and purple canyons, green rocks (called lawn rock) and white valleys it looked like another world. I half expected to get abducted by aliens or at least see one. It looked as though the land had a fight with itself. It’s really hard to put into words; mountains stacked on mountains, mountains falling into the ground, and cliffs shooting to the sky. Around every turn and over ever mountain was a striking new view. I was mystified and humbled by the power and beauty of the land.

The afternoon before we finished I had my first view of the Red Sea. Standing in shock my eyes filled with tears. I could see Jordan with it’s packed cities and rugged mountains. I could see Saudi Arabia across the sparkling Red Sea. Most of all I could see EILAT, our long awaited destination. Reality stuck me. We’re almost done. We’ve almost made it. The end is in sight. I didn’t know if we’d make it.

It’s bittersweet to leave the desert. I love the desert (the desert made hiking worth it). As happy as I am to finish I’m not happy to say “goodbye desert”. But… I’ll get over it.

This trail was so unique. Our surroundings changed dramatically so often and in short distances. It felt like a storybook journey rather than a thru hike. Even in the most remote areas there were villages not far. I felt like a traveler and I’m quite alright with that. It was a romantic experience. Ram and I learned a lot about each other and ourselves. It will take years to see just how much we’ve learned.

Right now I want to say WE DID IT! Wahoo!!! On Sunday, January 29th we finished the Israel National Trail!!!

It was my third thru hike and our second as a married couple. Miraculously Ram and I didn’t kill each other, we still love each other and even more impressive, we still like each other!

Hum… what’s next?

Close ups of cool rocks. The bottom right is the lawn rock.

Those distant mountains are in Jordan!

Timna valley

Black rugged mountains. The fence down between the mountains is the Israel/Egypt border.

Check out the black and white mountain in the background!

Another crazy climb… in to a crack.

First view of the Red Sea!

Finish line!!!


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