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Stronger together

If nothing changes dramatically between now and February 25th I’ll be staying in Israel. I’ll stay anywhere from another three months to a year. By paying 170 shekels I can (“easily” says the Ministry of Immigration) renew my tourist visa for another three months. After that I’ll start applying for a work visa.

Before we left for the Israel National Trail we sent a big stack of papers to the US National Visa Center via their request. That was over eight weeks ago and we haven’t heard a peep. I checked the address I sent the envelope to and… turns out I sent it to the wrong office/department in the NVC. I e-mailed them a couple weeks ago inquiring if I should resend the papers or if they’ll transfer them but, I haven’t received even a “we received your question” e-mail. I should probably just gather the hundreds of documents again and send them to the right address. All that’s left in the immigration process is for the NVC to approve those documents, transfer them to the US Embassy in Israel, and for the Embassy to request an appointment with Ram where he’d then receive or be denied a green card.

Because Ram can’t come to the US until he gets his green card our options are to separate (for an unknown time) or for me to stay here. It’s EXTREMELY frustrating being at the mercy of immigration. To keep waiting to start our lives is no way to live. That’s another reason why we’re deciding I stay, so we can start our lives together. Over our one and a half year relationship we’ve already been separated for over NINE MONTHS!!! We do NOT want to be separated again. Having a world long distance relationship is terrible and expensive. We work for three months at a time just to earn enough money to visit each other. It takes a big toll on us living in a pattern of three months together then three months apart.

I’m not happy about staying. I hate being dependent on Ram, not having my car, being broke and not knowing the language, but I believe everything happens for a reason. I believe if we’re suppose to stay here it’s for a reason, there is something for us to learn. I know there’s more I can learn here. For example I’m often uncomfortable in social situations and here it’s magnified by the language gap.

Even with my fear and anxiety of staying, it’s nothing when compared to the hell of us being apart.

We’re stronger together.


3 thoughts on “Stronger together

  1. That’s great that it is cheap and fairly easy to extend your stay in Israel. From the google search I did, 170 shekels is only about $45 US. I feel sorry for your continued difficulties and delays in trying to get Ram into the US.

    From the way immigration stuff is going in the US, we might all want to just move out of the US.

    Glad you can spend more time with your husband, though not knowing the language must be hard.

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