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New Chapter

It’s been only a week since I didn’t go home, a long and eventful one. We’ve found an apartment and moved in, extended my tourist visa, and sent more documents to the NVC. I have another three months in Israel until we need to do something else to extend my stay. The women who helped us at the immigration office highly discouraged us against starting the process of getting me work visa because it’s a five year process… so I’m still trying to find a remote job from the US.

While we were at Immigration I got an e-mail from the National Visa Center. They’ve reviewed our documents and only need one more thing from us, for Ram to send his police records to the U.S. Embassy. Thankfully Ram could do it over the internet, so it only took about 2 minutes. Ah… it’s so good to know the process is moving along!

Early on in the week Ram was crazed with finding an apartment. He was looking at 3-5 apartments a day until we found one in Binyamina. Binyamina is in a big winery area, with a lot of great restaurants and stores. It’s about 20 minutes from the sea, 5 minutes from Mount Carmel and 30 minutes from Alonim. Every morning Ram takes a train from Binyamina to Tel Aviv, so now instead of a 30 minute drive it’s five. It cuts off about an hour or so from his commute time, depending on traffic. Point is we’re in a pretty awesome location!

Over the last few days we’ve been transforming our place with art, furniture, rugs, shelves and plants. Today we got a couple plants from a local nursery. I am in love with this little plant I got for our room. I don’t know what it is but it looks like a banzai tree. As I held it on my lap during the ride home and carried it cautiously to our room I felt as though I just bought a kitten or puppy. I feel emotionally attached to this little plant. It’s so cute and tiny! It looks as though it’s trying so hard to grow big and tall. I’m excited to see it change and grow. I hope it will be happy in the bedroom window.

 I think this move is going to be really good for us. We’ve started a fresh new chapter. It’s scary but I have faith that things will work out. Some how, some way things work out. I do my part and the universe does the rest.

Here’s some pictures of the new apartment 


3 thoughts on “New Chapter

  1. Congratulations on the new apartment. You should upload a closeup picture of your new little plant.

    Good luck with the immigration paperwork!


    1. Thanks Seth! And I did take a close up of the plant it’s the posts featured image but you have to go to my home page to see it. It’s annoying that it doesn’t show up on the actual post and I haven’t been able to find a way to make it.


  2. Looks like a healthy baby jade tree. It loves the sun. Don’t forget to set an ice cube in it and rotate the pot once a day for even growth. Awesome apartment! It looks huge compared to your last place.


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