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Bedroom Demon

Something was in the bed… and it wasn’t my husband. I dreamt that a needle poked my baby toe. It felt so real that I woke up halfway for a second but instantly passed back out. Later on, I’m not sure how much later, something big and sharp was on my arm, right on the outside of my elbow. In a dazed panic I wiped it off with the other hand and threw my pillow and tried to throw the blankets with Ram wrapped up in them. My biggest fear was that it was a centipede, like the one we had seen our second night in the apartment. I’ll never forget that big, red, demon slithering across the dinning room floor towards us! Ugh, I shudder just remembering it.

I looked in the direction I assumed the scratchy creature was flung but didn’t see anything. For a second I wondered if I had imagined it. Then Ram said “ya something was in our bed”. “Oh nice… you knew and didn’t get rid of it?!” I thought as I looked for the ghost scratcher. “Here!” Ram yelled as he jumped of the bed towards it. Across the room scurrying along the wall towards our closet. It was a centipede! JUST like the one, dead one I might add, that we saw a few weeks ago. But, before Ram could kill it, it escaped behind our immovable closet. “Great, how are we ever going to sleep again!” I said as I plopped back like a rag doll onto the bed. I noticed my arm and my hand were both burning. They continued to burn for about a half hour. The rest of that night I awoke countless times to search our bed for the demon.

It’s been several days since the lucky demon escaped our bed alive. My arm where the centipede was feels sunburned and has a few long scratches. I hardly slept a wink for a few nights. To help us feel better we washed every inch of our house. I’ve also convinced myself the odds of another one ending up in our bed is EXTREMELY slim. I don’t know anyone else who lives in Israel who has had one in their bed.

I hate centipedes. They look like they have somehow escaped from a Tim Burton nightmare.

Here’s an picture I found off the internet of the lovely creature… you’re welcome.

Sweet dreams 😉



5 thoughts on “Bedroom Demon

  1. Man – that’s horrible. Gives me the shivers just thinking about it.

    If I were you I’d do some serious bug spraying and probably move the bed or put it on tall stilts to avoid that again!

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  2. Ugh!!! That is so GROSS! Just thinking about your experience makes me nauseous. I really hope you find that nast thing and kill it and it’s parents, children, grandchildren pretty much just wipe out its entire family tree going forward and all the way back to Adam and Eve.

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